Wednesday, December 14, 2011

On the Eighth Month of Home Renovation…(July)

July was a very hot month!

Since I was about 3 months pregnant at this point, I wasn’t much help around the house. Chris spent a lot of time finishing the dresser I had started stripping back in December.

Chris got to play with the best jackhammer available – it was hard work but we finally got rid of the rest of the sidewalks.

A friend of ours from work came over with his Bobcat and helped put the sidewalk rubble in our dumpster. While he was here he also removed all of our landscaping – this will allow us to start with a blank slate next year. Of course it’s pretty bad when your house looks better with no landscaping.

In order to have a route to the house, Chris installed some concrete pads from the driveway to the porch – it’s better than nothing!

At the end of July we went on vacation to the Outer Banks with Chris’ family – we finally got to announce that we were expecting.

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