Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On the Seventh Month of Home Renovation…(June)

During June we got back to work. A very quick job that changed the house appearance a lot was the addition of shutters.

We got a bunch of cherries so that Chris could make some cherry wine – it’ll be just about perfect for Christmas!

Our county provides homeowners with a free rain barrel – we got one and finally set it up.

This month was also when there were a bunch of baby animals in our backyard. Unfortunately, Tucker wanted to play with them and ended up killing several baby rabbits.

We had one trip to the Emergency Room this month that had nothing to do with the house work – Chris dropped a big pot of boiling water on his foot when he was brewing beer.

We also were able to trap many animals over the summer – both groundhogs and possums. Fortunately our garden was much more productive this time around!

Chris spent a lot of time cutting a threshold for the half bathroom door. He was able to use a piece of old hardwood flooring and the table saw – I’m just glad he still has all ten fingers!

We had another eyesore in the back of the house – a very poorly built shed (complete with dwarf doors) on the back of the garage. This was torn down but we still have the concrete floor in place – it just gives us another reason to rent a jackhammer later!

We had some crazy sidewalks in front of the house – none of which were very useful (especially the one that leaded into the middle of nowhere). We started removing these with a sledgehammer. It made a big difference!

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