Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Money Pit and A Look Back - December...

Happy Birthday Money Pit!!

Can you believe that we’ve had the house for a year already? Time sure flies! To celebrate this one year of hard labor, for the next twelve days I am going to summarize each month that we’ve been here. It’ll be like our 12 Days of Christmas Home Renovation. It’s amazing how far we’ve come…

A look back…December

December marked a very big month for us…buying our first fixer-upper (aka Skocik Money Pit, aka Pee Pee Soaked Heck Hole). We went in with the delusion positive attitude that this was going to be a fun and rewarding adventure.

We hit the ground running and started by removing a lot of the junk and debris from the house (mostly in the basement and attic).

We knew that the house was inadequately insulated so my parents were kind enough to make the trip down to work all weekend long in the attic while a snowstorm blew into town. This was the “walking home 5 miles in 18 inches of snow” saga. I don’t think we’ll ever live it down!

The dining room had a little secret – it housed a half bathroom in the corner of the room. Fortunately for our dinner guests, we didn’t think this was a good idea. We removed the walls and for a little while, we had a toilet in the dining room.

After Christmas, my parents came down to help us with some big projects. We removed the bulkheads in the kitchen (and found out that we had no insulation in the exterior walls). My uncle also came down to help us remove the fiber board ceiling in the upstairs and install new insulation and drywall. This took a few days but made a big difference.

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