Sunday, December 12, 2010

A look back…May

The weather finally got nice enough that we were able to do some yard work in May. Up to this point we didn’t have any equipment to do this work. We bought (or were given) a lawn tractor, lawn mower, trimmer, and wheelbarrow.

We also had to take care of some fallen branches and plant our garden.

My dad had taken all the radiator covers back to Pennsylvania so that he could grind off all the old paint (dozens of layers) and re-paint them. We finally got them back and had to store them in the medium bedroom.

Chris’ dresser was falling apart and he needed a place to put his clothes. We got a dresser and nightstand from Freecycle and I painted them to match my old bed frame.

For a full two months we had been living without a functional kitchen. We were eating a lot of frozen dinners and getting a lot of carry out. That all ended at the end of May when we got our new countertops and sink installed. We had also purchased all of our appliances by this point as well.

After months of having a missing railing on the back porch, we finally got around to putting up a new one. We plan on completely re-finishing this area but we needed a railing in order to pass our HUD inspection.

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