Thursday, December 16, 2010

A look back…September

We “finished” some more rooms in September. We painted the small bedroom, living room, and dining room. This little bit of paint made it look like a whole new house.

We knew from the home inspection that our chimney needed work. So to determine what we would need, we hired a company to clean and inspect our chimney flues. The boiler flue was falling apart and the other two needed to be lined. In addition, we had to get the crown re-pointed, the chimney caps installed properly and get new ducting for the boiler. This cost quite a bit to fix but it was worth it because we know that it was done correctly.

At the end of September, we ran in a relay race from Cumberland, MD to DC with some friends from work. We barely trained for the race but our team still came in third in our division – Go AstroNuts!

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