Friday, December 17, 2010

A look back…October

October was a very busy month. We performed a lot of outside work. My parents and brother came down to help us split logs – we had a ton left from our tree removal earlier in the year.

Our yard has been extremely neglected while we worked inside the house. We finally started clearing out debris (brush, bricks, metal, and garbage). The yard near the garage needed a lot of work before we could grow any grass. We removed roots, tilled the soil, incorporated lime and compost and finally seeded.

The plumber that put in the half bath pipe had cut giant holes in our joists. This is a big structural no-no. My dad and Chris installed a double header and two additional joists to fix the problem. To help prepare this are for work, I cut out a lot of drywall and in the process dropped a full 8 foot sheet on my head – ouch!

We were planning on celebrating our first wedding anniversary in Europe but we never had time to plan the trip. Instead we went to the Finger Lakes in New York – I know you can’t even compare the two but we were glad to get away from the house for awhile.

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