Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A look back…August

Painting walls, ceilings, and doors was how we started the month of August. The master and medium bedrooms were painted and were finally “finished.”

Our awful contractor had installed plumbing for the new location for the half bathroom. He closed it up without getting it inspected and now we know why. When we opened up the wall for the inspection, we saw the way he supported the lines. My dad removed the inadequate supports and built a much sturdier structure.

Our plans for the future involve expanding the bathroom so we needed to remove the linen closet in order to install the floor boards properly. We had removed most of the walls back in February but never completed the job. In order to pass our electrical inspection, we needed to move the wiring and install drywall in that area.

Up to this point in our lives, we had both been living with hand me down furniture. There is nothing wrong with that except that none of our bedroom furniture matched. We searched for a long time to find bedroom furniture. After many stores and Craigslist searches we finally purchased a set. It was off of Craigslist and it was only $600! It is still sitting in our basement waiting to be re-finished.

It was about this time that we moved everything from one half of the house to the other so that we could finish the floors. We were able to stain and polyurethane the dining room, living room, and den. These rooms are very big and took a lot of effort to complete.

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