Thursday, December 9, 2010

A look back…February

February started with a blizzard – two in fact. Maryland got slammed with two in a row and we ended up with a total snowfall of about 5 feet. We got snowed in for a few days for each blizzard. It was frustrating that we had time off work but couldn’t get over to the house. We did get our exercise by shoveling out our cars, sidewalks, and parking spots at the condo and then the driveway and sidewalk at the house – twice!

The rest of February was spent working on the floors in the den and kitchen. The den floor was so bad that we had to remove the old boards and replace with all new boards. The kitchen tile was removed in January and we installed new hardwood there as well.

Our contractor didn’t do too much on our house but the one thing that they completed was the new sunroom. They tore down the old brick and broken window wall and replaced it with a slider and new floor to ceiling windows.

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