Friday, December 10, 2010

A look back…March

March was rather tedious. We spent a lot of the month patching hardwood floor (where there was bad wood) and sanding the floors down to bare wood. The main level has about 2000 sq. ft. of hardwood – it takes a very long time to remove all that stain and polyurethane!

The temperature had been freezing in the weeks following the blizzards but for my birthday weekend, the temperature shot up and there was a lot of snowmelt. At this point, we didn’t have any gutters on the house. The melting water came right into our basement – we vacuumed up hundreds of gallons of water and then bought a dehumidifier.

We knew we had kitchen cabinets arriving soon so we had to finish the kitchen floor. This was our first experience with staining and polyurethaning. I’m just glad that we got better at it as we went along!

Both sets of parents helped out with the cabinet installation. Because we have very thick plaster walls, it was very hard to find the studs. Fortunately they were all installed without too many problems.

Our initial plan was to finish the main level of the house before we moved in. In March, we found good renters for our condo so we decided to move in early and live in a disaster area for awhile. We moved into one half of our house so that we could finish the other half. The first few months we slept in the dining room.

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